Using EMUE with Millenium

EMUE integration for Cerner Millennium

We are excited to announce that we are making significant strides towards bringing the same level of specialized automation to Cerner Millennium with EMUE for Millennium. We consistently hear that Cerner Millennium users are eager to automate processes so team members can put more focus on tasks requiring the human touch. As many of you know, Databound Healthcare Solutions has delivered robotic process automation designed specifically for Soarian for over 12 years with our EMUE automation tool.

We have helped our clients automate their revenue cycles and understand the abundance of automation opportunity in areas like billings, payment postings, and the general flow of information. Without automation, you can either handle repetitive and rules-based tasks manually or rely on your IT teams or Cerner Development teams. By integrating EMUE into Millennium, the ability to develop automation can extend to the business office, giving them autonomy while reducing the caseload for IT and Cerner.

We hope you are as excited as we are at the prospect of EMUE automating Millennium.

For our latest update about our progress, check out our Robotic Process Automation for Cerner Millennium blog article.



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