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Third Party Payer Search

Reduce Administrative Denials and Identify Missed Billing Opportunities

Clean Up Registration Data, Reduce Uncompensated Care

It’s time for a change in mindset.

By changing their mindset from denials management to denials prevention, healthcare facilities have realized

  • At least 1 day reduction in AR
  • 23% improvement in clean claims rate
  • Increased staff efficiency with intelligent worklists

By identifying additional 3rd party billing opportunities, one health organization realized:

  • 15% of encounters supposedly not covered by 3rd party payers were eligible to be billed
  • A potential $1,000,000 in additional revenue over 17 months

Hospitals often struggle to maintain accurate patient demographic and insurance data coming out of registration. Often, patients don’t present with their insurance card(s) and have not provided such information at time of scheduling their appointment. If uncorrected prior to the encounter, the common result is a denied claim. If hospitals could catch errors sooner, it would reduce the number of denials and the lost or delayed revenue associated with them.

Our boost service has helped hospitals recover millions of dollars on claims at a significant rate of return which we believe is far above what others are providing. We proactively help Registration staff keep cleaner records to lower the rate of denials and decrease outstanding AR while increasing the speed of payments. Learn how boost can help you and your staff be heroes in your organization.

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