Revenue Cycle Automation

Is your staff frustrated with repetitive tasks and disconnected systems?

Don’t waste another hour. We are here to help.

Our Revenue Cycle Automation solutions optimize major EHR financial systems in use today.

Our automation streamlines large volumes of predictable and repeatable tasks, doesn’t make errors and doesn’t take breaks. Information is current without spending valuable employee hours on tedious and repetitive tasks.

Oftentimes the IT team is stretched thin, so our customers find that with EMUE they can do more work with the people they have. They spend less time on:

  • Monitoring Soarian Stream (Learn more about our Stream Monitoring Tool here!)
  • Testing upgrades
  • Updating demographic information
  • Making adjustments
  • Balance transfers and charity write-off’s
  • Updating records when patients move, have children, or change insurance
  • … and about 100 other commonly automated tasks

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We have Revenue Cycle Automation Solutions for the following

SoarianInvisionMedSeries 4RPMS
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