Thursday, June 20th, 2019

11 am PT / 2 pm ET

Modern medicine presents the opportunity for healthcare organizations to provide patients with the best quality of care but getting paid for delivering that care only seems to get more difficult. When claims are denied because of incomplete or inaccurate information, revenue cycle teams need to devote additional time and resources to correct those claims. Meanwhile, millions of dollars are left in limbo each year when patients have active coverage that hadn’t been identified during the initial stages of their visit.

To alleviate the burden of denials and maximize reimbursement potential, revenue cycle management teams need to implement proactive measures.

Join Databound’s Rachel Bowles, Product Manager, and Mike Burhans, Relationship Manager, to learn how your organization can effectively leverage insurance discovery to boost patient revenue while reducing downstream work.


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Rachel Bowles
Boost Product Manager

Rachel has helped facilities grow patient revenue through insurance discovery since 2010. Her first client continues to recognize over $20 million a year in reimbursements by identifying insurance policies that were initially missed.

Mike Burhans
Relationship Manager

Mike Burhans is an HFMA Certified Revenue Cycle Representative. He has helped several facilities implement insurance discovery and verification and works closely with organizations to make sure they are leveraging information to optimize return on investment.

Past Webinars

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EMUE ACE Webinar

Thursday, March 7th

In this presentation for HFMA’s CNY Chapter, Rachel Bowles, Product Manager, and Mike Burhans, Relationship Manager discussed factors that contribute to inaccurate patient information and unidentified insurance coverage.

Wednesday, March 27th


In this webinar, we navigated through an EMUE user scenario involving intricate spreadsheets and explored solutions with Advanced Lists that can enhance and simplify your experience.

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