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Web Services Connector

Simplify Technology Updates with API’s

Easily Expand Interoperability with Different Systems

EMUE’s Web Services Connector facilitates communication and interoperability in a stable environment, enabling users to take advantage of a wide variety of functionality in different systems, reducing development and maintenance time, cost, and risk.

Simplified IT Processes

EMUE Web Services consolidates complex processes that use APIs and an applications user interface into one single tool instead of managing multiple tools. You can build, test, manage, and deploy from a single screen to simplify and expedite development tasks.

Technology Updates with Fewer Interface Changes

The web services design aligns to latest technologies and facilitates communication between different systems in a stable environment, reducing time, cost and risk. Because EMUE Web Services uses APIs, updating technologies require fewer changes.

Enhance Your EMR System’s Capabilities

EMUE 5.0 users can interact with any application that provides an API and get easy access to multiple applications and functions. Using preconfigured or prebuilt interfaces reduces the time and cost involved in developing and maintaining custom interfaces.

Learn More!

Download these informational documents to learn more about EMUE and how it can expand your system’s interoperability to other technologies.

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