Web Scripting

Save Time with Web Scripting

Gather data from payer and other websites to update your patient insurance and demographic information

EMUE’s Web Scripting capability enables you to gather time-consuming data from third party websites or other web applications and eliminate repetitive updates in Soarian.

Simplifies Script Building

EMUE improves efficiency by interacting with web pages through an easy-to-use Object Definition Builder that simplifies script building using templates and built-in validation.

Built-in Testing and Verification

Object Definition Builder also helps ensure commands work properly by testing and verifying that the information transmitted and returned is correct.

Improved User Interface and Web Scripting Functions

EMUE 5.0 web scripting improved user interface incorporates our Integrated Debugging Environment, which provides a consistent user experience and reduces the need to write code.

Learn More!

Download these informational documents to learn more about EMUE and how it can help your organization improve efficiency and simplify script building!

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