Using EMUE with Soarian

Save Time and Complete More Projects

EMUE Automation Clicks and Types like a Person

Most hospitals have business office tasks they could automate to save hundreds of employee hours per year. EMUE automates processes for complex large projects and repetitive day-to-day tasks. Used with Soarian, EMUE emulates a user, and can click on links, enter text, and can even navigate menus to make selections and gather information.

Automate Soarian Processes

EMUE works with the latest versions of Soarian and automates processes such as managing a master list of physicians and their admitting or attending privileges, posting comments, rebilling, self-pay balance adjustments, work list processing, and more.

Latest Technologies Reduce Time, Cost, and Risk

EMUE’s web services design facilitates communication between different systems in a stable environment. The web scripting capability efficiently migrates data and manages any time-consuming or repetitive process in Soarian you would like to eliminate.

Automating Tasks Saves Employee Hours

Tedious manual tasks, such as searching for accounts and posting comments, take hours of costly employee time. Automating even one repetitive task, such as posting 3,000 bad debt comments yearly, can save approximately 100 employee hours of data entry per year.

Using EMUE with Soarian


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Download this informational document to learn more about EMUE and how it can help your organization save time.

What Our Customers Are Saying about EMUE:

“Catholic Health Buffalo has used EMUE to automate several processes that previously
were either done manually or were not done at all because of the FTE overhead.
In all, EMUE is now handling the workload of over 4 FTEs at a fraction of the cost!”
Catholic Health, Buffalo, New York
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