Using EMUE with Med Series4

Automate Repetitive Tasks and Large Projects

Eliminate Time-consuming MedSeries4 Processes

Healthcare facilities find there is more work to do than there are people to do it. EMUE automates processes within MedSeries4 (MS4), enabling you to save valuable employee hours. You can eliminate many data entry tasks using EMUE’s flexible decision-making model for automation. If you define the rules, EMUE follows them every time!

Eliminate Manual Repetitive Tasks

Because EMUE navigates through web screens like a user, you can eliminate manual repetitive tasks, complete clean-up projects, and interface with other applications. EMUE makes it simple to automate actions, such as entering information, retrieving data, and uploading or downloading files.

Schedule Processes to Run Automatically

With EMUE, you can schedule tasks to run automatically, including data cleansing and other pre-processing tasks and post-processing duties, such as file archival and automatic e-mail notifications when complete.

Built-in Script Writing and Testing

Users can write their own scripts and learn as they go with EMUE’s script development tools. EMUE enables users to create processes quickly and test scripts as they build them, decreasing development and testing time, and putting report control in the hands of users.

Using EMUE with MS4

Learn More!

Download this informational document to learn more about EMUE and how it can help your organization save time.

What Our Customers Are Doing with EMUE:

Midwest Health Systems (MHSDC) in Hays, Kansas, manages 29 hospitals throughout the Midwest
and uses EMUE generating management report to verify insurance eligibility
and check the processing status of iSeries CPU.

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