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Automate Everything from Repetitive Tasks to Ad Hoc Projects

Focus on Patients and More Strategic Projects.

EMUE creates automated processes, freeing your staff from repetitive tasks. From simply logging information to entering data into your EHR system, from ad-hoc projects to intense daily processes, EMUE allows your team to focus on more strategic projects, while saving you hundreds of employee hours per year.

Reduce Repetitive Tasks and Eliminate Manual Keying Errors

Adding EMUE allows you to reduce repetitive tasks, such as individually keying payments, adjustments, and transfers, while eliminating manual keying errors to increase accuracy.

Latest Technologies Reduce Time, Cost, and Risk

EMUE’s web services and web scripting capabilities can facilitate communication between different systems in a stable environment. These advanced technologies allow you to extend the capabilities of your legacy EHR, migrate data or better manage time-consuming or repetitive processes in Invision.

Master File Maintenance

Tedious tasks, such as master file maintenance, consumes thousands of employee hours – even those only done periodically. EMUE provides a text file or spreadsheet along with a list of required steps, following your instructions until it completes the task.

Learn More!

Download this informational document to learn more about EMUE and how it can help your organization save time.

What Our Customers Are Doing with EMUE:

University of Texas Medical Branch uses EMUE to integrate Signature®
with other systems, including Claims Manager and a custom, in-house database.

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