Soarian Stream Monitoring

Do Soarian STREAM errors keep you up at night?

Get a FREE Stream monitor that will alert you to interface errors

Watch our short 1 minute, 34 second video on how our automation tool EMUE monitors Stream:

Introducing: Stream Monitoring Process

There are many transactions and interfaces for getting data in and out of Soarian® Financials, and sometimes errors occur that need your attention. Interfaces need to be checked periodically to make sure those transactions are flowing properly. If there are errors with interfaces, the appropriate personnel need to be notified to fix them.

Unfortunately for users and analysts, the manual process to check these interfaces takes up time that you don’t have.

Databound is here to help

Databound Healthcare Solutions is offering a FREE monitor powered by our EMUE task automation tool that can be run as often as necessary to check your Stream interfaces. The monitor sends an email including the name of the interfaces and the count of errors associated with that interface so you can take direct action.

Our customers typically use EMUE to automate any of 110 common automation use cases. If you would like to learn about how EMUE can save you time and money, we would love to talk to you. Complete the contact form below and we will email you the 110 use cases document for free to help you learn more.

How Stream monitoring works

We setup EMUE on your system with access to Soarian and email.

EMUE’s monitoring script watches Stream daily and sends a summary email report with the error conditions that require your attention.

That’s it! You get to focus right away on what needs your attention the most, and don’t have to wade through a bunch of irrelevant information.

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