EMUE for OLIE Users

Keep Your OLIE Scripts and Gain More Automation

Reduce Time-consuming Manual Tasks

EMUE’s automation capabilities allow you to easily replace the functions previously done by OLIE. EMUE can run your existing OLIE scripts, navigate through Signature and Invision screens, input data to the screen, and read data off of the screen, reducing tedious manual tasks so your employees can focus on more strategic projects.

Latest Technologies Reduce Time, Cost, and Risk

EMUE’s web services design facilitates communication between different systems in a stable environment. The web scripting capability efficiently migrates data and manages any time-consuming or repetitive process in Invision you want to eliminate.

Built-in Script Writing and Testing

Users can write their own scripts and learn as they go with EMUE’s script development tools. With EMUE, users can create processes quickly and test scripts as they build them. This decreases development and testing time, and enhances report control for users.

Schedule Processes to Run Automatically

With EMUE, you can schedule tasks to run automatically, including data cleansing and other pre-processing tasks and post-processing duties, such as file archival and automatic e-mail notifications when complete.

Learn More!

Download these informational documents to learn more about EMUE and how it can help your organization reduce time-consuming manual tasks.

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