EMUE Dashboard

Real-time Process Scheduling & Monitoring

Gain Insight, Control, and Validate Critical Processes

Hospital IT staff using automated processes often have scripts running on one or many computers. With EMUE’s Dashboard, they gain insight, control, and validation of processes by quickly monitoring scripts running across multiple machines, viewing upcoming schedules, and detecting problems earlier. In survey results from our users, 100 percent of respondents agree Dashboard saves them time.

Introducing The EMUE Dashboard and the new Dashboard Scheduling:

Maintain Schedules and Status for All Systems In One Location

The Dashboard allows users to go to one place to manage schedules and keep track of script status on all machines. You can quickly update scheduled tasks or move tasks from one machine to another without having to login to your EMUE machine. Users can make changes to multiple tasks in bulk.

Start & Terminate Scripts

Users that take advantage of scheduling on the Dashboard can start and terminate scripts directly from the Dashboard. Start or stop an instance of a script from the System, Script and Task views. Quick and simple control from the Dashboard saves users time so they don’t have to remote into a machine.

Easily Manage Your Scripts Across Multiple Machines

If you have scripts running across multiple machines, or several running on just one, Dashboard can help you quickly keep track of processes and detect problems sooner.

Reduce Time Managing Scripts

Dashboard gives you a smarter way to manage scripts by allowing you to view scheduled scripts before they run and quickly review log files. Dashboards make it easier to see where improvement is needed or what changes are working.

Detect Problems Faster

Implementing dashboards for ease of viewing allows you to track and resolve processing errors in real time and detect any scripts that haven’t run.

Easy Migration from Windows Task Scheduler

The Dashboard is designed to allow simple and easy migration from the Windows Task Scheduler. EMUE will transmit
your schedules in the click of a button. Once your machine is scheduling enabled, your tasks will appear on the
Dashboard Task View.

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