Hundreds of hospital teams trust Databound Healthcare Solutions’ to help them automate processes, boost reimbursements, identify registration errors, and reduce time spent following up on non-paid claims.

Save time and money

EMUE is a robotic process automation scripting tool that automates record updating and improves system-to-system communication. It can type and click just like a user, extracting data and making workflow decisions so that your tasks get completed correctly while saving you time.

Last year, EMUE saved our clients over 1,000,000 hours of human work.

  • Automate Soarian®, Millenium®, Invision®, MS4®, Signature®, and web tasks in order to save time
  • Automate and improve system-to-system communication
  • Improve accuracy by removing human error

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Grow patient revenue and reduce registration errors

boost insurance discovery and verification helps identify insurance coverage you might have missed and reduce registration errors by identifying and helping correct variances between your records and the payer’s.

  • Experience Multi-Day Reduction in A/R Days
  • Improve Clean Claim Rate by as Much as 23%
  • Increase Efficiency with Intelligent Worklists
  • Increase Uninsured Conversion Rate by up to 5%
  • Identify Missed Third-Party Billing Opportunities

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Expedite your claim status research with less effort

ClaimScout will help you collect revenue faster with less effort and improve long term performance using intelligent analytics. We focusing on minimizing the effort required to collect on the typical 5% to 15% of revenue from claims denied by insurance companies.

  • Optimized work queues makes life easier for your staff
  • Faster and more detailed claim information so you don’t have to search payer websites
  • Retrieves payer-specific codes
  • Gets the insurance information needed without waiting weeks for the 835 details
  • Gets more information than a 277 response

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Learn how other hospitals use EMUE to save thousands of hours of employee time.