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Made for Cerner Millennium


For over 20 years, we have been specializing in automating Cerner’s revenue cycle platforms with EMUE, freeing your staff for higher-level work.

Our continued relationship with Cerner allowed us to customize EMUE as the go-to solution for automating Soarian® 

We carried our relationship forward to collaborate with key Cerner personnel in developing a powerful and robust automation tool to work with Millennium® – EMUE for Millennium 


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Use EMUE for Your Workflows 

EMUE automates a handful of processes in Cerner Millennium’s Revenue CycleTM , BedrockTM, and Scheduling Appointment Book apps. We are quickly adding more cases with the help of our Millennium pilot users.  

  • Sync patient data information between Soarian and Millennium   
  • Credit thousands of charges for past and upcoming compliance audits   
  • Correct GL code at the charge level 
  • Add PNPO charge modifier for Medicare claims 
  • Apply an action code and clear queue of late charges with zero balances  
  • Create patient encounters  
  • Associate new locations to each health plan or vice versa across all environments 
  • Move Labs and Radiology order requests to correct the clinic list for scheduling.   



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Why Databound?  


Our focus is healthcare specific solutions, tailored to the applications we automate. We are committed to our clients’ success and helping them leverage technology to master their revenue cyclesThey understand the abundance of automation opportunities in areas like billings, payment postings, and the general flow of information.  

By using EMUE with Millennium, you gain the ability to develop the same automation opportunities for your organization.  

Give your business office autonomy while reducing the case load for your IT department and Cerner team. 

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