EMUE 5.1 is now available!

Learn what is new in our latest release.

This latest release offers the automation and streamlined processes you’ve come to depend on, plus a number of enhancements that can improve your organization’s revenue. The focus over the last year has been enhancements to improve Soarian integration and the release of our scheduling function on the Dashboard.

Both features provide exciting new functionality and improve your experience with EMUE and the Dashboard.

Why Soarian users benefit – SmartUI

One new and exciting change is how EMUE will interact with Soarian. We are calling this SmartUI.

  • What is SmartUI?   A new way for EMUE to interact with Soarian Financials. Our partnership with Cerner has resulted in a better integrated solution for our common clients. This new approach will significantly reduce the number of changes required to scripts as new versions of Soarian Financials are released. There will also be improvements in the performance of your EMUE scripts.
  • SmartNames   SmartUI will only be available to be used with SmartNames. This allows for an enhancement with the use of SmartNames. SmartUI currently supports versions 4.2.200 and later. During script development EMUE will be able to detect the page in Soarian and push the suggested names to the top of the list. Users can easily identify the correct SmartName to use.
    Health Professional Search Dialog
    EMUE’s suggestion
  • Parsing for SmartNames   EMUE will now detect if you have invalid SmartNames in your script based on the SmartName file being used. Those results will be displayed on the Parse Results tab along with suggested replacements for SmartNames that have been replaced and other messaging to assist in solving SmartName discrepancies.
  • Soarian Upgrades  As new versions of Soarian roll out, Databound is working to keep your scripts running. SmartUI will solve a lot of UI issues, but not everything is addressable. Cerner has introduced significant UI changes, such as the conversion of Tables to Grids, to implement HTML5 and Edge compatibility. Stay up to date on the latest versions of EMUE and SmartName files.

Schedule your scripts from the Dashboard

In addition to keeping an eye on how things are running, tasks can now be set up directly from the Dashboard. It’s easy to create new tasks, edit existing ones or balance them out across your machines and never login to your machines. This functionality is available to all of our Advanced License customers at no extra cost.

  • Dashboard Scheduling  Web-based script scheduling is now available! Our newly released scheduling function on the Dashboard is a great addition to the tools our clients use daily. We make it easy to manage schedules across your EMUE machines whether you are migrating from Windows or creating new tasks. You can even start a script from the Dashboard and get improved notifications! See the video on our Dashboard page to see scheduling in action!

Next Steps

To help you get the most out of this release, we would love to help you through this upgrade process. Contact Support for assistance and you can download EMUE 5.1 and the Dashboard Task Launcher on our Downloads page to get started. (you will need to be logged in)

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