Revenue Cycle Automation

Use EMUE —our robotic process automation platform— to streamline
revenue cycle workflows and reduce repetitive, rules-based tasks.

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Robotic Process Automation for Healthcare

Healthcare is a unique industry with unique needs. General automation tools can be challenging to configure for those needs.

EMUE is only available to the healthcare community, which allows it to thrive in your environment. Our healthcare focus, along with years of feedback from the healthcare community, truly makes EMUE designed for you and by you.

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EMUE Helps Our Clients Reallocate Staff  for Other Important Work


Hours Automated

1,000+ Full-Time

Employee Production Saved


Efficiency gains

EMUE optimizes your productivity

Working within healthcare revenue cycle systems can be time-consuming, resulting in piles of manual work backlogs. Eliminating tedious tasks with robotic process automation frees your staff to focus on higher-level work.

EMUE performs repetitive, rules-based tasks specific to revenue cycle workflows, saving you and your staff time while increasing productivity.

EMUE in Action

There are now well over 100 use cases describing common examples of how EMUE can help you and your organization.

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Read our “EMUE speaks my language” case study with Crouse Health to learn how they use robotic process automation with EMUE for operational success.

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Tailor-made Robotic Process Automation

EMUE is designed specifically for Cerner’s Millennium®, Soarian®, and legacy terminal-based systems. It can also automate interaction with third-party websites used by your organization.

EMUE works nonstop and completes your revenue cycle tasks without interruption.

Our tailor-made robotic process automation enhances the power of your scheduling, financials, and clinical systems.

Gain Operational Control

Staff using EMUE often have automated processes running on multiple computers. Easily schedule and monitor your automated processes in real-time while viewing data insights with the EMUE dashboard.

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EMUE for Millennium

Enhance your Cerner Millennium® experience with easy and reliable robotic process automation

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Powerful System Integrations

Your RPA solution, performing repetitive, rules-based tasks and freeing your staff for higher-level work

Cerner Millennium

The first RPA platform designed specifically for Cerner Millennium.

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Cerner Soarian

Automate processes like updating a master list of physicians, posting comments, rebilling, and more.

Web Pages

Quickly gather data from third-party websites or other web applications.

Web Services

Reduce your processing time with shorter, faster, and more reliable scripts.

Legacy Terminal

Get system-to-system communication on Invision, MedSeries4, RPMS, and McKesson Star.

Here’s how EMUE works


Upon arrival



Input/output files

Web Services

Web pages

Cerner’s Millennium, Soarian, & Legacy Terminal Systems


External programs

Scripts and machines

Update scheduled scripts

Error prevention


Archive files

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