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EMUE Online Training

Are you just getting started with EMUE, or feel like you need a refresher before diving in on a new project? Let us help you get going with a  1:1 live training delivered by one of our rock star trainers! We’ll set up a time with you and get you on your way.


1. Review the courses and content:

User Interface (1 Hour)
  • Dropdowns in the User Interface (File, Edit, Tools, Debug, View, and Help)
  • Debug Buttons
  • Customizable Tool Bar
  • Different Tabs
  • Record Count and Estimated Script Completion Time
SetStartups, Commands, and Syntax (1 ½ Hours)
  • Definition of SetStartUps
  • Web Scripting or Terminal SetStartups
  • Input File SetStartups
  • Activity Log SetStartups
  • Output Log SetStartups
  • Email Settings SetStartups
  • Automation Settings SetStartups
  • Debugging Settings SetStartups
  • SetRunTime Command
  • Basic Commands and EMUE Syntax
Creating a Folder Structure and Getting a Script Started (1 ½ Hour)
  • Reasons for a Folder Structure
  • Template Builder
  • Description of the Template Script
  • Changes to the Template Script for Beginning the Scripting Process
Working with Lists, Different Input, and Output Files (3 Hours)
  • List Location in EMUE
  • Place information into Lists (Proper syntax and Format)
  • Place List Members into Variables
  • Remove List Member and Columns
  • Insert List Members
  • Comparing Two Lists
  • CSV Files
  • Txt Files
  • Excel Files
  • Different Excel Queries
  • Access Tables
  • Log Files
  • Excel Output File
  • Delimited Files
If Statements and For Loops (1 - 3 Hours)
  • Why Use If Statements
  • When Use If Statements
  • Simple If Statements Comparisons (EQ, NE, GT, LT, GE, LE, LIKE, Dates, and Alpha and Numeric Statements)
  • Complex If Statement Comparisons (And, Or, IsDate, Alpha and Numeric Statements, and Not Statements)
  • Simple For Loops
  • Structured For Loops
Terminal Commands and Terminal Scripting (2 Hours)
  • Terminal Commands
  • Mnemonic Strings
  • Terminal Error Handling
WebScriptBuilder and Web Scripting Commands (1 ½ Hours)
  • Opening the WebScriptBuilder
  • Capture Clicks on the Webpage
  • Different Element Types and Locking on Element Types
  • Attributes
  • Values
  • Index and Refresh Button
  • Buttons Available
  • Building Commands
  • Web Scripting Commands
  • Anchor Window
Dashboard (30 Minutes)
  • Dashboard Setup (Creating an Account)
  • Registering PC’s to Dashboard
  • Assign Scheduled Scripts to the Dashboard
  • Downloading Dashboard Task Launcher (DTL)
  • Dashboard User Interface
  • Scheduling Scripts from the Dashboard
  • Managing Dashboards
  • Managing Scripts
Error Handling (1 Hour)
  • Three different types of error handling
  • Template Builder Script’s Error Handling
  • Error Handling Commands (OnError, Resume, ResumeNext)
  • Debugging Mode On and Off

Do you need more than one refresher training? Let us know! We can develop a training plan for you!
Don’t see what you want to learn? Tell us! We can gear your training to meet your goals!

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