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EMUE ACE Webinar 15- Simplifying Complex Spreadsheets with EMUE and Product Updates!

Date: 3/27/2019
Time: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT

EMUE ACE Webinar 15 – Simplifying Complex Spreadsheets with EMUE and Product Updates! – In this webinar, we will navigate through an EMUE user scenario involving intricate spreadsheets and explore solutions with Advanced Lists that can enhance and simplify your experience. We also will be announcing new EMUE and Boost product updates where you will have the opportunity to…

Learn about:

  • The common roadblocks we helped clients overcome
  • The benefits of automating complex spreadsheets
  • How to simplify tedious tasks in excel


Product Updates

EMUE 5.1.1100

  • ClickWebGridCell: Now you can click on a specific row and column without stating the parameters in the row!
  • WebElementExists and If WebElementAllowsFocus: Autocompletes!

Dashboard Updates

  • Resolved the Daylight Savings issue!
  • Dashboard email notification for system connection errors

boost Updates

  • Introducing the new user interface that manages credentials with Product Manager, Rachel Bowles!

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