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Expedite Your Claim Status Research

Reduce A/R Days and Spend Less Time on Claims

Hospitals face challenges negotiating and collecting on 5% to 15% of their revenue from claims denied by insurance companies. ClaimScout™ gives hospitals a head start to resolve rejected claims and reduce AR time by 1-2 days.

Get Faster Access to Claim Information

ClaimScout provides faster access to detailed claim information and cuts the time and effort required to follow up on claims, reducing the number of days that claims are in accounts receivable.

Reduce Time Spent on Claim Collections

By automatically sorting and assigning tasks according to pre-determined rules, ClaimScout will give employees a daily worklist that lets them focus on claims that actually need attention. This simplifies follow-up tasks and reduces the time spent trying to get complete and timely information for claims.

Get Actionable Claim Information

ClaimScout provides more usable data than a 276/277 by:

  • Retrieving payer-specific codes from payer websites
  • Returning actionable claim information without waiting weeks for 835 remit
  • Importing results into your financial system
  • Providing staff with a focused worklist to resolve items that need personal attention
  • Adding status for payers that do not send 277 responses

Improve Long Term Performance

ClaimScout’s reporting metrics show the value gained over time, and the intelligence gained as it is used provides analytics that drive process improvement upstream.

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