Intelligent Claims Follow Up

CLAIM SCOUT™ provides the next level of automated claims follow up by getting you more than just the status of a claim.
CLAIM SCOUT expedites claim status research with less effort, so you collect revenue faster and improve long-term performance.


Reduce A/R days with less effort and money

Hospitals spend about 9 minutes and $4 for each claim status inquiry. Much of that effort is spent on the 90% of claims that have already been paid.

Some claim solutions have high transaction costs and, simply, retrieve data and push it back to you – searching every claim daily is not cost effective.

CLAIM SCOUT puts you in charge of how often you want to status, and it uses those rules to be as efficient as possible.

Better information, faster

By using direct-to-payer connections, CLAIM SCOUT returns payer proprietary codes. With CLAIM SCOUT, you also get a head start on denials, instead of having to wait weeks for 835 remittances.

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Focus on results

Based on rules, CLAIM SCOUT will provide you with a daily worklist. These worklists help you focus on the claims that actually need attention, while removing claims that are already set to be paid.

Improve long-term performance

CLAIM SCOUT’s reporting metrics show you the value that you have gained over time. In addition, the intelligence gained as CLAIM SCOUT is used provides analytics, which drive process improvement further upstream.

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Additional features


Set up defined triggers for automation actions based on a resulting status.


CLAIM SCOUT works on any system, and it can import results into existing workflows.


Receive 277 responses on claim statuses for payers who are not set up for electronic transactions.

Take the next steps

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