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John T. Mather Memorial Hospital

Streamlining Processes for Accurate and Timely Account Management

John T. Mather Memorial Hospital provides a wide variety of quality health care services to the residents of Suffolk County, New York. A community teaching hospital, the Mather team is committed to providing compassionate care to exceed each patient’s expectations. On their 35-acre campus, the Mather Hospital team of 2,500 employees treats more than 12,000 inpatients and handles approximately 43,000 emergency room cases annually.

Ranked among the best hospitals in New York State by U.S. News and World Report, John T. Mather Memorial Hospital has earned a four-star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for patient experience, safety, and timely and effective care measures. Other recognition includes their designation as a Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery and their ninth consecutive top “A” hospital safety score from the Leapfrog Group.

Streamlining Processes

The administrators and managers at Mather Hospital noticed that their business office employees were required to perform tedious tasks and enter the same infor-mation over and over again, which could potentially lead to user fatigue and contribute to unintentional errors. These tasks were extremely time consuming, and employees were finding it difficult to work on critical projects and still focus on tasks that required personal attention.

The Mather Hospital team saw the need to streamline these processes and implement workflows and systems that would improve accuracy and ensure the most efficient use of personnel time. Previously using Siemens’ OLIE scripting product, they also realized the need to move to a current and more modern solution that would be expandable and flexible enough to take on future workflow project needs.

Account Management

The team uses EMUE to help personnel keep patient and billing records current by automatically adding coded comments, performing adjustments, and performing transfer balances. To manually bring these records up to date would take personnel 1-2 minutes of data entry each, and with 100 accounts, this could take an employee half of a workday. Instead of manual data entry, the automated process takes 5-10 minutes to set up, and then EMUE handles any updates required.

Importing Data for Testing and EHR Migration

EHR Data must be input or imported to add new hospital information, test a new installation, or hold training sessions. This can be tedious and time consuming using traditional manual processes due to the number of fields that must be entered. Mather’s team uses a single script to migrate patient files and also create non-patient files, and reports that this saves them 65+ hours per round of testing while ensuring smooth go-live and successful training sessions.

Flexible Scripting Tool

Mather found that EMUE is flexible enough to handle other manual processes outside of their Soarian environment. Because the TransUnion credit site and SpaceTRAX inventory usage tracking systems only allow direct downloads from their web sites, the Mather team used EMUE to auto-mate these processes and securely provide staff with the required data.

Complex tasks handled by specialized IT personnel could take months to complete, but Mather found that in-house tasks can be done much faster and on their own schedule using EMUE’s simple scripting tool.

Implementing the System

To start the process of automation, Mather’s analysts meet with business office workers to understand the workflow and identify the locations of information that will be used. After the discovery process is complete, the script writing is done by the analysts and usually completed in a day or less, and users see results immediately upon completion of the script. Script writing is simple to do and with the automation that EMUE provides, medical coders’ work queue has actually decreased from a week to only 2-3 days.

Measuring the Benefits

Mather Hospital is constantly running a variety of nightly and hourly scripts logging about 10,000 hours of updates and processes, and returning measurable benefits from using the solution. “At Mather, our EMUE scripts save us money and time by handling work that would require about 10,000 additional employee hours each year,” said Andrew Ribeiro, Sr. Analytics Manager.

Productivity is improved because interruptions are reduced and staff can now focus on tasks that require personal attention. EMUE gives Mather’s personnel access to more accurate data, as well as more timely data and processing. By using Databound’s Dashboard product, personnel can automatically monitor script status, and the staff has overall become less dependent on IT for support.

Expanding Capabilities for Future

Sr. Manager of Revenue Cycle Operations, Liz Pistone, says “Databound is the clear leader in process automation.” For the future, the Mather team continues to look at other ways to take advantage of the solutions that can be integrated using EMUE’s modern architecture. With the wide variety of systems and processes that can be used with EMUE, the sky is the limit, and the team looks forward to even more productivity improvements, streamlined processes, and continued cost savings in the future.

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