Case Studies

Cleveland Clinic Florida

The following document, created by Cleveland Clinic Florida, shows how much time, per script, they were able to save with EMUE as compared to OLIE™. It is broken down into both management time and script creation & debugging time, and can be used as a basis for your own calculations.

Estimate of Time Saved:

Comparing the creation, maintenance, and management of OLIE™ Scripts using EMUE

Development (Creating and Debugging Scripts):

Approximate time saved on average as reported by users (1 Experienced and 3 Beginning/Intermediate)

OLIE™ Script Writers
Creating New Scripts
4 hours
2.5 hours
12 hours
7 hours
Debugging Existing Scripts
1.5 hours
30 minutes
2.5 hours
1 hour

*OLIE™ development times are estimates

*EMUE development times are approximations based on developing and debugging 15 scripts.

Noted: The developers mentioned the following

  1. The EMUE line-by-line and variable display debugging tools were the primary reason for the time savings.
  2. The newer developers felt that by being able to follow the code and screen pathways at the same time increased the time it took to learn the scripting code.
  3. For testing, the Interface to run the scripts assisted in allowing developers to easily choose different files for testing without modifying the script.
Operations (Running and Monitoring Scripts)

The implementation of EMUE allowed us to reduce our FTE resources allocated to managing scripts from 2.5 to 1, and the number of PCs used from 4 to 1.

    1. The users felt the front-end was easier to operate, with the all in one interface.

The automation features allow for CCF to currently run approximately 75% of our daily scripts with no user interaction.

  1. Monitoring was also easier, since the number of PCs used to run were reduced.

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