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Our insurance discovery services help healthcare organizations
grow revenue while preventing denials and rejections.

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BOOST Goes Beyond

Using proprietary technology, BOOST searches your payers – not third parties – for missed primary, secondary, and tertiary coverage on insured and self-pay patients.

BOOST does this early in the patient experience, giving you ample time to seek prior authorization, submit claims, and prevent costly collection efforts.

Finally, BOOST is the only insurance discovery solution with Transaction Protection™ for all your patient encounters – making sure you get the most value from your investment.



BOOST’s Retroactive Monitoring Service

 Use our new standalone service to identify your patients’ eligibility for
retroactive coverage. Start collecting every Medicaid dollar possible.

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 How Norton Sound Health recovered over $2M in unclaimed revenue

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BOOST’s Powerful Features

Retroactive Monitoring

Reports to you when self-pay or sliding fee encounters become eligible for Medicaid.

Proactive Discovery

Searches for missed coverages and errors before or within 24 hours of a patient visit.

Direct-to-Payer Connections

Goes directly into the payer site, getting you the most accurate data available.

System PostBack

Automatically posts identified policies back into select systems for end-to-end service.

Transaction Protection

Protects you from being charged for the information you already have.

Dashboard Data

Reflects data, so you can focus on what to do with the results.

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Identify more insurance billing opportunities for FREE with a BOOST Insurance Discovery Trial. Afterward, you keep the results so you can bill the payers BOOST identified.

Most health organizations that participate in our free trial generate $15,000 in reimbursement revenue from identified coverage with BOOST.

How does the free BOOST trial work?

  1. Choose one health insurance payer at your facility for BOOST to process up to 5,000 records, searching for missed coverages.
  2. Optional: You can also let BOOST to process up to 5,000 records from patients who are covered by your payer of choice. BOOST will verify the information you have matches with the payer.
  3. Submit your records to our team through a secure file transfer.
  4. Once the results are in, you will receive a BOOST performance review. All coverage details and discrepancies are returned to you so that you can use the information to bill the payer or make any necessary demographic corrections.

Experience the value of BOOST for your organization. To learn more about BOOST or get started with your FREE trial, pleasesubmit the form below. 

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