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Every day, health care organizations of all sizes misclassify insured patients as self-pay, patients with multiple policies are misclassified as under-insured, and uninsured patients become eligible for retroactive coverage long after you’ve treated them. 

Checking every encounter for missed coverage and monitoring for retroactive coverage is both cost-prohibitive and nearly impossible for staff to do manually. As a result, millions of dollars are left on the table each year and bottom lines continue to decline. 

BOOST insurance discovery gets you accurate up-to-date information on patient coverage so your staff can bring in revenue your organization is entitled to.

On average, 5% of the patients classified as self-pay have active coverage that can be billed while 5% of true self-pay patients become eligible for Retroactive Medicaid long after they leave your facility.

Are you identifying and maximizing every third-party billing opportunity? 

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 How Norton Sound Health recovered over $2M in unclaimed revenue

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BOOST Goes Beyond

Proactive Discovery

Keeps you in control by searching for missed coverage before the patient presents, after they’ve been treated, or as a function of AR. You supply the encounters you want to search and BOOST returns results.

Direct-to-Payer Connections

Most discovery solutions identify missed coverage using clearinghouses or third-party databases. BOOST goes directly into the payer site – getting you the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

Dashboard Reporting

Unlimited access to your cloud-based BOOST dashboard so you can always see your return on investment.

100% Contingency Based • No Integration • No Software Installation

*Automated insurance posting is available for some systems, reducing the manual effort required to bill payors. 

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