Our Team

At Databound, we realize that our people are what make the difference. We are proud of our team and our ability to consistently help our customers with great products and services as well as amazing support.

Maggy Van Kempen

Executive Office Manager

Maggy joined Databound in December of 2016, and is thrilled to be supporting a team developing innovative tech solutions for the healthcare industry. Maggy came to Databound with a background in finance and is looking forward to developing her skills in a new field. When not working, Maggy enjoys cooking, working with horses, and spending time with her husband & cat.

Bethany Hankins

reCover Operations Analyst

Bethany joined the Databound team in January 2016, coming to us from Arkansas. Just a few years out of college, she previously worked for a non-profit healthcare organization, as a programmer analyst. She has taken over our new venture, reCover, as the Tech Lead, and is quickly learning EMUE and all that reCover entails. When not working, Bethany enjoys spending time with her husband and exploring the Northeastern part of the US.

Peter Curinga III

Quality Assurance Lead

Joining Databound in 2013, Pete has wasted no time in re-engineering our internal daily and release regression testing processes to maintain and improve EMUE’s quality. When Pete is not insuring EMUE’s rock-solid reliability, he enjoys gaming and helping teenagers through support groups and leadership training.

Travis Owens

Application Developer

Travis joined our team in 2017 with an extensive background in programming in the medical world, manufacturing, business, and data migration creating web applications as far back as the dawn of the web in the 90s. When Travis isn’t fixing bugs or adding features, he dabbles in videography, filming many of central New York’s events, festivals, bars, and restaurants.

Don Tompkins

Application Developer

With Databound since 2008, Don has his hands in lots of projects, including EMUE, custom insurance verification tracking applications for customers, and even our CRM project. As if working on just about every Databound development project wasn’t enough, Don also is an Alpaca farmer, father of 3 children, and still finds the time to go skiing in the winter months.

Rik Bardrof

Development Manager

Rik joined Databound in 2013, and has helped us to make major leaps forward in planning our internal application infrastructure while continuing regular releases that include both fixes and new features. Rik’s hobbies include spending as much time with his grandchildren as he possibly can, cooking, cycling, and volunteering for his church.

Lisa Atchison

EMUE Consultant and Analyst

Lisa joined Databound in 2013 and has been striving to find the best possible solutions for clients with various consulting projects. She has also been training users to learn (and love) EMUE. Although Lisa is one of the newer members of the Databound team, she has already taken ownership of several customer projects and begun acting in a mentoring role within the company. Lisa loves traveling and experiencing new cultures… especially new foods! She also enjoys knitting, sewing, and spending time with her husband and their crazy little dog named TimTam.

Kristen Foster

Technical Support Lead

Kristen is “The Voice of EMUE,” answering EMUE support calls and questions since 2010. Kristen also performed EMUE product testing, so he knows EMUE inside and out! He enjoys spending his time with friends, family, and volunteering in his community. He also tinkers with network and server hardware/software and squeezes in the more-than-occasional golf/tennis game.

Rachel Bowles

EMUE Consultant and Analyst

Rachel has been at Databound since 2006. In that time she has tried her hand in just about every department: development, sales, testing, training, consulting, marketing, and product management. As it turns out, Rachel is better with people than with computers and found herself most at home when working directly with customers. After starting a family in 2013, Rachel stopped traveling and focused her efforts in product management and then consulting. When she’s not working or chasing her kids, Rachel enjoys mountain biking, sewing clothing, and reading.

Mike Burhans

Relationship Manager

Excited by the customer-centric culture of Databound and the effectiveness of the products they develop, Mike joined Databound in April of 2016 as the reCover Sales Specialist. When Mike is not working he enjoys spending time with his 10 year old son, reading and sailing.

Mike Harris

Senior Consultant and Operations Manager

Mike joined Databound in February 2015, and quickly learned EMUE in order to support our customers with training and consulting needs. Having previously served as a trainer and teacher at other organizations, Mike brings experience in training delivery and development, and has already begun streamlining our customer training to be simple, easy to use, intuitive, and informative. When he is not working, Mike enjoys drumming in a local Scottish Pipe Band, as well as learning about programming concepts and languages.

Kelly Blackmon

Product Manager

Kelly became Product Manager in 2015. When he joined Databound in 2012, he was our lead trainer and he managed several customer consulting engagements. In the Product Manger role, Kelly is focused on increasing the value of our products and improving the user experience. When Kelly is not working, he enjoys time with his wife and daughter, traveling, playing golf and spending time with his extended family.

Eric de Jager

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Eric has been involved with Databound since 2010 and is a veteran of enterprise software companies with experience ranging from DOS to SaaS, including ten years at Microsoft and four years at Blackbaud, Inc. Eric loathes bad software; he loves to help teams create great products by giving customers a voice in the design process. Since joining Databound, Eric has helped to transform many of our operations to be more consistent, customer-driven, and value focused. He is an avid sailor who loves sailing in the Virgin Islands and the US East Coast.

Paul Martin


Paul was one of the original founders of Data Bound Solutions and Databound Healthcare Solutions in 1999. Paul was also one of the original programmers to create EMUE, and while he no longer does the coding, he still remains active in EMUE’s planning.

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