Improving margins while
growing revenue
Use robotic process automation for a proactive revenue cycle

Combining proactivity with robotic process automation improves margins while growing revenue

Supercharge Your Financial Systems

Health systems have repetitive, rules-based work. By automating repetitive tasks, your revenue cycle team has more time to spend on work requiring a human touch.

Simplify the Status of Your Claims

Following up on claims consumes time and resource and slows the payment process. By automating claim status inquiries and translating responses into action items, you save money and speed up payments.

Grow Patient Revenue

Oftentimes, patients classified as “self-pay” have billable coverage while insured patients have additional coverage. By identifying missed coverage, you can find additional billing opportunities and revenue for your health system.

Revenue Cycle Automation

The EMUE automation tool performs repetitive, rules-based tasks, freeing your staff for higher-level work.

EMUE works with Cerner’s Millennium®, Soarian®, and legacy terminal-based systems. It can also automate interaction with third-party websites used by your organization.

Our dedication to the healthcare community – demonstrated with years of listening to our clients – guarantees that EMUE is specifically designed for you and by you. EMUE is a powerful, robust tool that thrives in the demands of your environment.

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Insurance Discovery

BOOST helps healthcare organizations grow revenue while preventing denials and rejections. It uses direct-to-payer connections, ensuring that the information you get is as accurate and up to date as possible.

Through insurance discovery, BOOST finds any missed primary, secondary, and tertiary coverage. With verification, it identifies discrepancies between you and the payer.

BOOST setup requires very little from you, making implementation easy on your organization.

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Claims Follow Up

CLAIM SCOUT expedites claim status research, while requiring less effort, so you collect revenue faster and improve long-term performance.

CLAIM SCOUT provides faster access to detailed claim information through proactive searching. It also filters out claims that do not require follow up, allowing your staff to focus on the claims that need attention.

Over time, intelligent analytics assists with process improvements that continue to reduce the amount of time it takes for claims to be paid.

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