Improve Revenue and Efficiency through Automation

We serve the hospital revenue cycle and patient financial services

Revenue Cycle Automation

Our automation streamlines large volumes of predictable and repeatable tasks, doesn’t make errors and doesn’t take breaks.Learn More

Third Party Payer Search

Our reCover service has helped hospitals reduce administrative denials and recover millions of dollars on unpaid claims.Learn More

What Our Clients Say

"We used to get 3-5 calls per week from users when they were waiting for a process. We haven’t had a single call since we started using the Dashboard because we always detect problems before the user does."
Tana Sells - Midwest Health Systems
"Managing the environment as a whole is really helpful. Before there was no way to look across machines."
Jackie Jolly - Moffitt Cancer Center
"EMUE’s web services significantly reduces the amount of time needed to build a script to check eligibility and claim status. Before it would take me 500 lines of code to accomplish what we can now do in 100 lines."
Carlos Alvarez, System Analyst II, Baptist Health South Florida