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EMUE for Soarian

For many years, Siemens SIGNATURE, INVISION, and MS4 customers have been using script automation tools (like EMUE and OLIE) to save tremendous amounts of time and to accomplish things that their systems simply weren't designed to do.  Now, many facilities are moving to Soarian and are asking for the same kind of automation they have grown to love and trust in the past.  Just as it has in the past, EMUE allows a power user to define the steps that are required to complete a process.  These steps make up the contents of a script and can be run on demand or on a schedule. 

This capability is great for migrating data from one system to another when there is not an interface or the interface does not accomplish the result in the desired way.  It is also helpful for any time-consuming or repetitive process in Soarian that you would like to eliminate.


EMUE for Soarian Clinicals


EMUE for Soarian Financials


EMUE's powerful capabilities go far beyond interaction with Soarian and extend to other web applications, databases, FTP and file system interaction and much more.  EMUE also provides tools to make the creation and testing of these processes easy.   

In short, EMUE can help you and your team to create scripts and transform your manual processes - whether they be in Soarian or elsewhere on the web - into automated, robust, reliable processes quickly, inexpensively, and easily.  You will save time, money, and frustration along the way. 


Case Studies

Catholic Health

The following document, created by Databound and Catholic Health in Buffalo, New York, shows the versatility of EMUE.   It includes processes that have reduced FTE time as well as those that have enabled new opportunities to capture information that simply weren't possible because of the FTE overhead that would have been required without EMUE.  These processes include...

  • Managing Physician Privileges
  • Posting Comments
  • Rebilling
  • Self Pay Balance Adjustments
  • Work List Processing

What's the bottom line?

"Catholic Health Buffalo has used EMUE to automate several processes that previously were either done manually or were not done at all because of the FTE overhead. In all, EMUE is now handling the workload of over 4 FTEs at a fraction of the cost!"

See The Full Case Study


Auto-Verification Process

For this project, Databound partnered with Gina Wilson of System Strategies ( to enhance the eligibility business process within Soarian® Financials and HDX Eligibility for a large Mid-Atlantic, Integrated Health Network.  

The Bottom Line...

EMUE verifies 16000 eligibility requests per month, doing the work of 4 FTEs!

Read the detailed case study from System Strategies...


Moffitt Cancer Center

Over the last year, Moffitt Cancer Center has utilized and relied on the power of EMUE to clean up data in Soarian® and automate Soarian tasks. This case study provides a brief explanation of several processes that EMUE has automated for Moffitt Cancer Center in Soarian Financials.   These processes include:

  • Posting Comments
  • Workflow Trigger Scripts
  • Insurance Allocation
  • Health Plan Cleanup
  • Health Plan Field Option

The Bottom Line...

Moffitt Cancer Center has used EMUE to automate several processes that previously were either done manually or were not done at all because of the FTE overhead.

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