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Usually the story goes something like this:  there is far more work to get done than there are people to do it.  Your job is to figure out how to bridge that gap - the sooner the better.  

So how can EMUE help?  EMUE is an automation tool that allows you to leverage your existing staff and automate time-consuming processes within MS4 so that your FTEs have time to work on other tasks. With EMUE's flexible model for decision-making, you will likely be able to eliminate more data entry than you even expect.  If you can define the rules that EMUE should follow (just as you would for a user), EMUE will follow them every time.

EMUE can help you to complete adhoc projects that are too time consuming to get done (think big clean-up projects).  Or you might be able to automate a task that is completed on a regular basis.  Every facility has processes like this whether it's posting comments, performing adjustments, changing financial class, posting payments, maintaining masterfiles or whatever else you come up with.  Imagine how you would use your employees if you could eliminate some of their repetitive day to day work.

Once you have defined your process, you can schedule it to run automatically, add email notifications and automate pre- and post-processing tasks like archiving files.  EMUE's development tools help your users learn EMUE as they go and create processes quickly while testing them thoroughly.   

If this sounds at all interesting or if you're not sure, we would love to discuss your specific needs or schedule a live web-based demo.  

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Case Studies

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC)

ANTHC is an Indian Health Service (IHS) hospital located in Anchorage, Alaska. They have leveraged EMUE with Siemen’s SIGNATURE® physician billing system since 2006. After seeing much success with SIGNATURE®, they wanted to use EMUE with MS4. They also utilize EMUE's web automation heavily.

Find out how ANTHC saved several FTE's, improved accuracy and efficiency, and added auditing to their payment posting and adjustment processes.  Also, learn how they used EMUE to recover millions of dollars of lost revenue!

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Midwest Health System Data Center (MHSDC)

MHSDC, located in Hays, Kansas, manages 29 hospitals throughout the Midwest.  That means that most tasks must be done 29 times. You can be sure that they were eager to automate.  MHSDC has used EMUE for everything ranging from generating management reports, to verifying insurance eligibility on payer websites to checking the iSeries CPU to see if it is hung. 

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