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Web Automation

In addition to EMUE's ability to automate terminal activity, EMUE can also navigate and interact with web pages just like a user.  That means that those repetitive and time-consuming internet-based tasks can finally be completed in a timely fashion, while a user can spend time on other tasks.  EMUE can enter information into text boxes, read text off of the screen, select from drop-downs, check boxes, select radio buttons, and do pretty much anything else a user would do.  Any web page that is html-based can be scripted with EMUE. 

When the script is running, it looks just like a user is working on the web page.  Behind the scenes, EMUE uses the web page's Document Object Model (DOM) to identify elements on the page.  That is, EMUE looks at the html and uses an ID value or some other attribute that is specific to the element rather than simply using screen position as some other automation tools do.  This method is superior because it is more robust and reliable.  When relying on the screen position method of identification, if an element moves or anything on the page changes, the script will break. 

Building Web Scripts

EMUE has tools to help you identify elements and build commands for your script.  Using the Web Script Builder, the user starts by clicking on the element they want to work with on the web page.  Then they can decide what action EMUE should take on that element (checking a box, making a selection, entering text, etc).  The screen shot below shows the user identifying the "Learn More" link.  Once the user has clicked, the Web Script Builder will walk them through building a command and adding it to their script. 

The Command Builder helps the user build the command once they have identified the element.  They can also test their new command to be sure it works properly before adding it to the script.

Some of our other users leverage EMUE's web scripting capabilities heavily.  Here are some of the common tasks:

  • Claims status checks
  • Eligibility verification
  • Uploading files
  • Downloading files
  • Screen scraping
  • Soarian Financials
  • Soarian Clinicals
Yes, EMUE can work with Soarian!  There's more information specific to Soarian on our Soarian page.
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