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Language Enhancements

Find out some of the details of what EMUE's language allows you to do.  

Easy-To-Use IF Statements

A great script is able to make the kind of decisions that a user would make if they were completing the process manually.  Only perform a write-off if the account has a balance.  If the financial class is X, then do one thing, if it's Y, do something else.  With EMUE, having your script make these decisions is easy - even if the decisions are complex.  EMUE uses a traditional IF...ELSEIF...ELSE structure, allows nesting, and even allows for complex Boolean logic.  We dare you to come up with a scenario that you can't test for with EMUE. 

Structured FOR Loops

EMUE's structured FOR loop allows for more flexible (and elegant!) programming.  EMUE's FOR loop can also be nested and includes support for EXITFOR, CONTINUE, and an iterator. 

Manipulate Strings and Dates within Your Script

EMUE's string processing commands (Format, Length, Trim, PadLeft, PadRight, Repeat, Replace, and Trim to name a few) will help you eliminate the need to scrub or modify your data before processing it.  You will also no longer need to reformat dates or build complicated logic to handle date arithmetic.  Have you ever tried to add or subtract from a date?  Did you remember to handle February with only 28 days?  EMUE has simple commands that allow you to reformat dates, find the difference between two dates, add or subtract from a date, determine the day of the week, or the last day of the month.  And EMUE never forgets to account for leap years. 

Select from and Perform Updates to Databases

Direct ODBC and OLEDB database access allows you to retrieve data from a database in place of or in addition to an input file. Direct access to your data can eliminate the need to create a data file and it allows your script to pull its own data, which helps to simplify the process and eliminate one more step that could go wrong. 

Write to More than one Log File

EMUE gives you maximum flexibility with your log files.  You can create separate files to be worked, or put errors in one file and successes in another.  You decide how to organize your output and in what kind of file (text, csv, Excel).

Read from and Write to Excel

There's no need to save Excel files in text before running your script process.  EMUE can read directly from Excel.  It can also write to Excel files, which a lot of users prefer over text files.  

Run Third-Party Applications like Monarch and Access with RunCommand

Does your facility use Monarch?  Many sites use Monarch to reformat their data files and pull out the relevant information.  Since you already have a Monarch model to do the job, EMUE can run that for you as part of the script process.  That means that you can use the raw data file as EMUE's input file, then have EMUE run Monarch to scrub the file, and then have EMUE use the new file as its input.  It's not just Monarch though.  EMUE can run any application that can be run from the command line.  It could be a batch file, an encryption utility, an Access macro, etc.  The possibilities are endless. 

Retrieve and Push FTP Files

If FTP is part of anyone's daily to-do list or is a precursor to one of your processes, get ready to scratch that off the to-do list.  EMUE can retrieve files from FTP servers and push files out to FTP servers automatically. 

Configure Each Script Individually

EMUE's SETSTARTUP configuration options are a part of your script so that each script gives you perfectly tailored results.  With over 125 configuration options, it's safe to say that EMUE is very customizable. 

Built-In Error Handling

EMUE's error handling capabilities allow you to decide how unexpected errors should be handled.  Add retry logic or have your script abort and send you an email.  It's up to you what will happen. 

Easy One-Line Screen Checks

EMUE's WaitForScreen and WaitForScreenGoto commands are great for performing one-line screen checks to ensure that you are on the screen you expect to be on before proceeding.  If you are familiar with Sleep statements, you'll be happy to know they are generally not needed in EMUE.  If you aren't familiar with Sleep statements, you aren't missing anything. 

Move, Copy, Rename and Delete Files

You can use EMUE to automate post-processing like archiving files and forwarding files to other users for follow-up.  Get creative and use EMUE to delete files that are older than a certain date or use EMUE to organize a directory of scanned files based on the file name.  The possibilities are pretty endless. 

Web Automation

In addition to being able to automate actions on a mainframe terminal, and a lot of the surrounding processes, EMUE can also automate steps on web pages (think claim status and eligibility checks)!  We think this is such a big deal that it deserved its own section.

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