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Automation and Performance

Schedule Processes to Run Automatically

EMUE can be scheduled to run automatically, which eliminates the need for user intervention.  Running processes at off-peak hours can reduce mainframe contention while still ensuring that processing is completed in a timely fashion.  EMUE can be run from any scheduling tool, but the majority of our users use the Windows Scheduler. 

Start Processing Automatically When a File Arrives

In addition to being able to schedule EMUE to run automatically at a certain date and time, EMUE can also start processing when a file arrives.  This functionality lets EMUE serve as an inexpensive, easy-to-manage, on-demand interface. It also provides flexibility for processes that don't have a fixed schedule.

Log in Automatically

EMUE will securely log in to your iSeries system automatically using an encrypted password.  EMUE also manages the terminal connection, which allows for multiple scripts to run simultaneously. 

Receive Email Upon Success or Failure

There is no need to "baby-sit" processes because EMUE will email you upon completion.  The contents of the input file, output log, and activity log can be attached to the email for seamless follow-up and automated workflow management.

Database Connectivity

EMUE can retrieve data from any database in place of or in addition to an input file and can also update any ODBC or OLEDB data source.  This functionality often eliminates the need to create input files and makes comprehensive balancing and tracking tasks easier. 

Run Third-Party Applications

EMUE can run any application that can be run from the command line.  This functionality is commonly used for running Monarch models and Access macros and allows for further automation by eliminating manual steps. 

Execute 10 Simultaneous Scripts

Gone are the days of watching a series of machines to make sure their processes are all running properly.  EMUE allows for 10 simultaneous connections, which means your processes can be consolidated.  

No Restrictions on Where Files are Placed for Processing

Organize your files for your processes in the way that works best for you. 

Move and Copy Files as Part of Script Process

EMUE can automatically archive or email files to create the best workflow and reduce manual file management.  You don't to remember to email that file to Amy in Patient Accounts anymore!



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