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EMUE is a powerful scripting tool that allows you to automate processes within MS4 and the surrounding tasks.  Within the terminal context, EMUE navigates through screens just as a user would, following step-by-step instructions.  EMUE's language is simple to learn yet extensive enough to give you the tools you need to manipulate data, make decisions, perform calculations, and notify users upon completion.  In addition to its robust language, EMUE's built-in debugging tools enable simple development, testing, and troubleshooting.  You'll be amazed at all the ways that you can use EMUE.


What can EMUE do for me?

iSeries Automation

EMUE makes it easy to eliminate countless hours of data entry (or other repetitive tasks!) for your terminal application.

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Web Automation

EMUE makes it easy to automate actions on web pages like entering information, retrieving data, and uploading and downloading files.

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Automation and Performance

EMUE not only makes it easy to perform massive updates to your terminal application, but also automate the surrounding processes like file preparation and scrubbing, balancing routines, archiving procedures, and user notification.

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Development Environment

EMUE makes it easy to create, modify, and debug your scripts.

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Language Features

EMUE makes it easy to do things you never thought possible in a scripting environment. You with be amazed at the breadth and depth of powerful new commands and features that EMUE has. 

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