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EMUE for MedSeries4

EMUE is a powerful and exceptionally flexible scripting tool that is optimized to work with terminal applications like Siemens Med Series 4 while requiring very little maintenance and follow-up.  Once steps are defined within a script, EMUE emulates a user to complete the process on a scheduled basis or as-needed.  Leveraging EMUE will allow you to interface between systems, eliminate data entry, and streamline business processes.  Find out more about what automation might look like for you facility and if EMUE is right for you. 


Give Me the Bottom Line

I won't be using EMUE directly, but I want to know how will EMUE help my department and save us money at the same time.

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Give Me the Basics

I'm an analyst or a power user and I'll be the one using EMUE.  Tell what can it do for me, but spare me the technical details.

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Give Me the Details

I'm a gear-head, so spare me the fluff.  Tell me how EMUE works and what it can do.

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