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Usually the story goes something like this:  there is far more work to get done than there are people to do it.  Your job is to figure out how to bridge that gap - the sooner the better.  

So how can EMUE help?  EMUE is an automation tool that allows you to leverage your existing staff and create automated processes.  These processes might allow you to complete adhoc projects that are too time consuming to get done (think big clean-up projects).  Or you might be able to automate a task that is completed on a regular basis.  This would free up FTEs to work on other tasks or projects.  Every facility has processes like this whether it's posting comments, performing adjustments, changing financial class, posting payments, maintaining masterfiles or whatever else you come up with.  Imagine how you would use your employees if you could eliminate some of their repetitive day to day work.

If your facility is already using OLIE, some of this may sound familiar.  First, you'll be happy to know that you can use your existing OLIE scripts without having to re-write them.   In addition, you can further automate your existing processes by scheduling them, adding email notification and automated pre- and post-processing.  If you are considering new projects, you will be able to benefit from EMUE's development tools that allow your users to create processes faster while testing them more thoroughly.  EMUE's extended language also opens up much more automation possibilities. 

If this sounds at all interesting or if you're not sure, we would love to discuss your specific needs or schedule a live web-based demo.  

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What are other sites doing with EMUE?

Payment Posting, Transfers, Write-Offs

Sure, a lot of your payment posting is completed electronically and maybe some of your write-offs happen automatically, but there will be some scenarios where the best option you have is to find a fast and accurate user to do the work manually.  But all users make mistakes sometimes, and manually keying payments, adjustments, and transfers is time-consuming.  You can eliminate keying errors with EMUE and you can define special logic to make sure that each account is handled exactly as you would if you were working it yourself.  

Master File Maintenance

Hopefully you have never been the person who had to key in a zillion price updates at the beginning of the year.  Most of the maintenance of master files is pretty painful.  Even if updates are only performed periodically, why not automate them?  Using EMUE, you can provide a file (text file or spreadsheet) and a list of steps to perform the updates as you would have them, and EMUE will faithfully follow your instructions till they are done.  

Discharges and Registrations

One of the common processes we see automated by our Invision clients is the monthly discharge and pre-reg process.  With EMUE's automation, you can be sure that this process is completed at the exact time you want it to be done and without all the manual effort.  (Check out our script library for an example from one of our clients!)

Comment Posting

Every facility needs to post comments for one reason or another.  Perhaps you are receiving claim status in a file and you want the status to be added to account notes.  Or perhaps you comment your accounts before you perform a transfer, or when duplicate accounts are consolidated.  The possibilities are endless, but chances are, someone at your facility is manually posting comments.  Using EMUE, you can define step by step instructions for how you want comments to be posted, provide a list of accounts, and what text or information that should appear in the comment.  You'll even have history files so that you can easily track what has been done.  

What else?

Perhaps at this point, a light bulb is going on and you are starting to think of other things you might use EMUE for - that's great!  In a way, it's hard to describe what EMUE can do, because EMUE will do whatever you tell it to.  You define the list of instructions, just like you would to a new user, and EMUE will follow your steps.  It will make decisions just as you would (If the account has a zero balance then...) and notify you when the whole process is done.  


Case Studies

Cleveland Clinic Florida

The following document, created by Cleveland Clinic Florida, shows how much time, per script, they were able to save with EMUE over OLIE.  It is broken down into both management time and script creation & debugging time, and can be used as a basis for your own calculations.

What's the bottom line?

"The implementation of EMUE allowed us to reduce our FTE resources allocated to managing scripts from 2.5 to 1, and the number of PCs used from 4 to 1.

  1. The users felt the front-end was easier to operate, with the all-in-one interface.
  2. The automation features allow for CCF to currently run approximately 75% of our daily scripts with no user interaction.
  3. Monitoring was also easier, since the number of PCs used to run were reduced."

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Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC)

ANTHC is an Indian Health Service (IHS) hospital located in Anchorage, Alaska. They have leveraged EMUE with Siemen’s SIGNATURE® physician billing system since 2006. After seeing much success with SIGNATURE®, they wanted to use EMUE with MS4. They also utilize EMUE's web automation heavily.

Find out how ANTHC saved several FTE's, improved accuracy and efficiency, and added auditing to their payment posting and adjustment processes.  Also, learn how they used EMUE to recover millions of dollars of lost revenue!

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University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB)

UTMB at Galveston is a large teaching hospital that uses Siemen's SIGNATURE® system to manage its physician billing. They, like many other facilities, have developed processes to leverage the use of Siemens OLIE. For UTMB, OLIE is used to:

  1.  Automate posting of pre-paid deductibles as well as posting other payments and adjustments.
  2. Integrate SIGNATURE® with other systems, including Claims Manager and a custom, in-house database.
  3. Other miscellaneous tasks.

While there were certainly savings in the handing of the miscellaneous tasks, this case study will focus on the first 2, as they are well defined processes that we were able to accurately determine the amount of time saved as well as savings from hardware consolidation over their original OLIE™ processes.

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