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Mainframe Automation

If you are coming from the OLIE™ world, you already know what mainframe automation is all about and you probably can't live without it at this point.  Whether you have used OLIE™ or not, EMUE allows you to write scripts that will save countless hours of time and improve accuracy in your data entry efforts and calculations.  EMUE uses the same language as OLIE™, so if you have existing OLIE™ scripts, they will still run in EMUE. 

Mainframe Commands

Interacting with the mainframe in EMUE is pretty simple.  There are just a handful of commands that actually control the terminal.  Here's a sample:

  • Paste:  The go-to command for typing text on the screen.
  • Copy:  You guessed it.  This command allows you to copy text off of the screen.
  • Send:  Any keystrokes that you want to send to the mainframe (PF keys, Enter, Clear, Erase) can be sent with the Send command.
  • WaitForScreen (Only in EMUE):  Use this command to tell EMUE to wait for a screen to appear before proceeding by looking for the screen name in case the screen flip is slow.
  • EraseAndPaste (Only in EMUE):  Since we're in the business of saving you time, this command will erase the contents of a field before you enter any new text (yes, you could accomplish the same thing with a SetCursorPosition, Send, and Paste, but that's three commands instead of one).
  • SignOn, Password, CICS, CHPS (Only in EMUE):  These are a few of the settings that help you configure your automated sign on. 

Why is the terminal window embedded in EMUE?  Why do you use Rumba?  And other questions you might have.

EMUE uses the Rumba Terminal Emulator and actually has a Rumba window embedded in the application.  EMUE's close ties to Rumba allows EMUE to manage the connection to the mainframe.  That means that EMUE can connect to the mainframe, sign on automatically, and retry automatically if it runs into trouble.  This tie also allows EMUE to manage multiple simultaneous connection.  That means that you can run up to ten processes on the same machine at the same time

Why did we choose Rumba instead of one of the other terminal emulators?  Well, it was the most reliable.  That's about all there is to it.  

Using EMUE's debugger (Learn More about the Debugger), you can step through your process slowly and see each step that is taken on the mainframe.  This gives you time to confirm that the action was correct before the script moves on. 

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