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Development Environment

EMUE's development environment is rich in features to make creating, testing, and modifying scripts easy.  

Interactive Visual Studio-Style Debugger

EMUE's debugger allows you to step through code one line at a time, which makes testing and building scripts simple.  If the line of code you just ran didn't do what you wanted it to, you can change it and run it again.  EMUE also provides a wealth of information right at your finger tips.  You have access to the contents of all your variables, the current line of your input file, the contents of your output log, and quite a bit more.  This interface is great for new scripters who are just learning and it decreases development and testing time significantly for even the most seasoned OLIE™ script writer. 


Error Detecting Parser

While EMUE may not be able to tell you if your entire process was written correctly, it can tell you if your commands are properly formed.  EMUE's parser will tell you if you forgot to include a parameter (or if you included too many!) or if you don't have the command name correct. Any errors than EMUE can detect in advance, before the script runs, it will kindly tell you about. 



Built-In Editor

You can give Notepad a rest.  EMUE's built-in editor has some great features that you won't want to miss.  Syntax highlighting is more than just a pretty way to color your script.  For example, command names turn blue.  If it isn't blue, it isn't right!  The editor also includes line numbering, outlining, easy indentation of blocks of code, commenting of blocks of code and much more. 


Code Completion and Syntax Reminders

EMUE's Code Completion feature all but writes your scripts for you.  As you type, EMUE will prompt you for the next valid parameter. 


Not sure if you have the right command?  When you type the command, EMUE will show you a tool-tip with the command's syntax and a quick reminder of what the command does.  You can give that brain a rest from memorizing commands and let it focus on something more important. 


Context Sensitive Help

Need a bit more help?  EMUE's full documentation is always only one click away.  Highlight any command and the F1 key will open the help to that command's page.  Couldn't be easier.  


Trace File

EMUE's trace file looks like a distant cousin to the OLIE™ HLLAPI trace file.  Like OLIE's™ trace file, EMUE's trace file includes a detailed line-by-line recall of each line of the script that ran.  This file is great for troubleshooting and looking back at a process that already ran and it's so verbose that it can used for auditing!


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