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What is EMUE?

Give Me the Basics

EMUE is a tool that can follow step by step directions that you provide for it.  Once you have defined the steps, EMUE will follow them whenever you would like it to. If you're an OLIE™ user, this may sound familiar.  EMUE is a lot like OLIE™ except that EMUE has a lot more tools available to make the creation and testing of a process easier, as well as providing you more tools to automate your process more fully. 

For example, let's say you have a list of accounts that need a write-off.  You would define the process of performing the write-off, just like you would to a new user.  You steps would include how to sign into Invision, which keys to hit in order to get to the appropriate screens, what information should be pasted where (account number, etc), what checks should be performed (does the patient have a balance?), and what information you would like reported back to you.  Once you have defined the process, you would then schedule EMUE to run automatically at certain times, or you could have EMUE run when a file (perhaps your list of accounts that need a write-off) arrives.  Each time the process runs, it emails you upon completion, notifying you of the status of the process. 

You can create as many processes for EMUE to run as you would like and they can even run simultaneously.  Schedule them to run at night during off-peak hours if your system gets particularly busy during the day.  The possibilities are endless.


Key Features


Runs Existing OLIE™ Scripts

If you already have your own library of OLIE™ scripts (or even just one!) don't worry, you can keep running your OLIE™ scripts with EMUE - no re-writing required!  EMUE allows you to further automate your scripts and enhance them, but the basic language is the same.  


Automatic Processing

You can forget about your process once you have it scheduled to run automatically.  Use any scheduling tool (the Windows Scheduler works great!) to start your script at a specific time or let your process start upon the arrival of a file.

Integrated Debugger

EMUE's built-in debugger puts everything you need to develop and test scripts at your finger tips.  Walk through you code line by line with constant access to the contents of your variables, input file, output log, and terminal screen.  You can even build and test your script as you go, which decreases development and testing time as well as ensures that your script behaves as intended.


Code Completion

EMUE's Code Completion prompts you for the next parameter of each command so that you can focus on your process rather than remembering syntax.  You'll even be reminded of what the command does when you begin typing the name of the command.


Database Access

Tired of passing spreadsheets back and forth or exporting data from a database?  Elevate your process by accessing your data directly in the database where it resides.  Create elegant processes and track processing in a database.  EMUE can connect to any ODBC or OLEDB database.


Email Notifications

Remove the guess-work when managing processes.  EMUE will send you (or whoever you want) an email upon completion whether the script is successful or not.  Attach files to make follow-up a snap.


Reading and Writing from and to Text files and Excel Files

Have a report with the accounts you need processed?  Not a problem.  EMUE can read from and write to text files, CSV, and Excel files. 


String and Date Processing Commands

There's no need to reformat your data before giving it to EMUE.  Use EMUE's string and date processing commands to make sure that your dollars line up and your dates have four digits in the year (among other things you can do with your dates!).


Web Automation

EMUE's web automation capabilities expand your automation possibilities to the world wide web.  Again, EMUE navigates through screens like a user.  Unlike some automation tools that rely on screen coordinates to identify elements on a web page, EMUE accesses the web page's underlying HTML through the Document Object Model (DOM) and uses this more reliable technique to identify elements on the page.  EMUE is able to click on elements, select from drop-downs, copy text off of the screen, and upload and download files, just as a user would. 


Error Handling

If you're coming from another programming language and wishing you had a way to trap errors, wish no more!  EMUE allows you to specify code that will run in the case of an unexpected error. 


What are other sites doing with EMUE?

Payment Posting, Transfers, Write-Offs

Sure, a lot of your payment posting is completed electronically and maybe some of your write-offs happen automatically, but there will be some scenarios where the best option you have is to find a fast and accurate user to do the work manually.  But all users make mistakes sometimes, and manually keying payments, adjustments, and transfers is time-consuming.  You can eliminate keying errors with EMUE and you can define special logic to make sure that each account is handled exactly as you would if you were working it yourself.  

Master File Maintenance

Hopefully you have never been the person who had to key in a zillion price updates at the beginning of the year.  Most of the maintenance of master files is pretty painful.  Even if updates are only performed periodically, why not automate them?  Using EMUE, you can provide a file (text file or spreadsheet) and a list of steps to perform the updates as you would have them, and EMUE will faithfully follow your instructions till they are done.  

Discharges and Registrations

One of the common processes we see automated by our Invision clients is the monthly discharge and pre-reg process.  With EMUE's automation, you can be sure that this process is completed at the exact time you want it to be done and without all the manual effort.  (Check out our script library for an example from one of our clients!)

Comment Posting

Every facility needs to post comments for one reason or another.  Perhaps you are receiving claim status in a file and you want the status to be added to account notes.  Or perhaps you comment your accounts before you perform a transfer, or when duplicate accounts are consolidated.  The possibilities are endless, but chances are, someone at your facility is manually posting comments.  Using EMUE, you can define step by step instructions for how you want comments to be posted, provide a list of accounts, and what text or information that should appear in the comment.  You'll even have history files so that you can easily track what has been done.  

What else?

Perhaps at this point, a light bulb is going on and you are starting to think of other things you might use EMUE for - that's great!  In a way, it's hard to describe what EMUE can do, because EMUE will do whatever you tell it to.  You define the list of instructions, just like you would to a new user, and EMUE will follow your steps.  It will make decisions just as you would (If the account has a zero balance then...) and notify you when the whole process is done.  

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