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The EMUE Script Editor

OK - the bad news first...

We have retired the EMUE Editor.

The reason is simply this:   The editor was originally designed to provide value for OLIE users, and with OLIE sunset, we had very few EMUE Editor users left, so it simply wasn't worth maintaining!

Now - for the good news... (we won't leave you hanging!)

While there is no longer a stand-alone editor, we can now issue Editor Edition license keys for EMUE.  This means that you can install the latest version of EMUE with this special key, and get the editor functionality that is fully synchronized with the same version of EMUE!

So how do you get the FREE EMUE Editor?

If you are an existing EMUE customer, an EMUE Editor user, or even an OLIE user who has not used EMUE or the EMUE Editor before, but would like to use the editor to make your scripting easier, feel free to contact us to ask for a free EMUE Editor license!

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