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Welcome OLIE™ Users!Welcome Mat

We understand that receiving the Siemens notification of discontinued OLIE support may have raised some concerns, but no need to panic!  We have you covered!

OLIE™ is powerful and if you're here, then you probably relied heavily upon it.  In minutes, OLIE™ can do what it would take an analyst all afternoon to complete.  But don't worry - with EMUE, you can keep your OLIE™ scripts and gain more power and automation.  It's a win-win!

We affectionately refer to EMUE as "OLIE™ on Steroids."  At first glance, EMUE is a lot like OLIE™ (It can even run your existing OLIE™ scripts!).  EMUE is able to navigate through Signature and Invision screens and input data to the screen and read data off of the screen.  It can read a text file and write to a text file.  Unlike OLIE™, it can also read from and write to Excel.  It can be scheduled and completely automated. Passwords can be encrypted.  Scripts can be tested easily...  Well you can read more of that on the EMUE Details page.

So how do you learn EMUE?  Not to worry!  We are working closely with Siemens to create convenient training solutions for you.  Learn more

Ultimately, our goal is to make your transition from OLIE to EMUE easy and provide a product and support that are so helpful that you will wish you had found us sooner!

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