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Licensing Options

We stand behind EMUE with the best support in the industry. All of our licensing options eliminate high start-up costs and help you achieve immediate ROI by not only including EMUE licensing, but also including installation, support, maintenance, and training all in one low annual fee. When you combine this with our 90-day money-back-guarantee, there really is no risk for trying EMUE!

Per PC-Licensing

EMUE's per-PC licensing option is similar to licensing for other desktop applications, in that it allows you install EMUE on the number of licensed PCs (or in the case of servers - the number of licensed desktops). However, unlike many other PC applications, we actually encourage user sharing (one at a time per-PC)!  EMUE's automation and consolidation options make it easy to schedule scripts to run in an unattended fashion so that most users don't need their own license for on their own desktop. In fact, many sites have consolidated over a dozen OLIE™ scripting PCs down to just 2 EMUE licenses! Typically, in this scenario, EMUE is installed on a small number of virtual or physical PCs for people will remote into when they need to run an on-demand script or check on a scheduled job.  

Per PC-Licensing Bulk Packs (EMUE Standard Edition only)

OK, so consolidation and automation doesn't work great for everyone. We know that sometimes, operationally, you really do need a lot of EMUE workstations dispersed throughout your organization. For this scenario, we offer EMUE Standard bulk-packs -  a significant quantity discount that can save you money. This licensing is also per-PC, which means that an unlimited number of users can use it, but only one at a time, per PC. With our bulk-packs, we will ask you to name a group of "supported users" (aka Super Users) that will relay to us any support issues that your facility might have. This provides a win-win by helping us to control support costs and pass these savings onto you, while encouraging your users to work with internal experts (that we train) to help standardize scripting processes. We even build better relationships with your strongest users and they become better experts in EMUE!

Site License

So what do you do if you have only one or two EMUE scripting gurus who write and maintain dozens of scripting processes that run throughout your organization? If this sounds like you, then the site license may be the best option. It was developed to better support Cerner Soarian®, which allows only one script to run at a time per PC. This allows you to license a small number of "script writers" that write and maintain scripts in EMUE, and their scripts can be deployed to an unlimited number of PCs and run by an unlimited number of operators.


With so many options, how do I choose?

Our goal is to help you find the most cost effective licensing model to fit your needs. We will never try to oversell you, and in fact, we often work with customers to find opportunities to consolidate their licenses to reduce their overall licensing need! For us, it is all a part of building a long-term, trusted relationship with our customers. It's also just the right thing to do!

Do you have questions about the best licensing model for your organization? Give us a call at 877-DBS-EMUE, select option 1 for sales or contact us!

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