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EMUE Editions

We offer EMUE in 2 powerful, time-saving and money-saving editions...

EMUE Standard Edition

EMUE Standard Edition provides all of the core abilities of EMUE's original mainframe automation, including the ability to run your existing OLIE™ scripts + 100 new EMUE commands, full scheduling and debugging capabilities, password encryption, the ability to work directly with Excel files, email notifications of script results, and the ability to consolidate your operations by running up to 3 scripts at the same time on the same PC. EMUE Standard Edition is a complete automation solution for IBM 3270 and 5250 (AS/400) terminal applications, including Siemens' Invision®, MedSeries4®, and Signature®.

EMUE Advanced Edition

EMUE Advanced Edition builds on the power of EMUE Standard Edition by adding powerful features that help you not only increase the scale of your automation, but also interact with more systems and applications. With the Advanced Edition, you can process files on arrival like an interface, run up to 10 scripts on the same PC at the same time, create a database of accounts and passwords to use as a pool for all scripts, work FTP files and OLEDB/ODBC databases, use multiple input and output files, and much more. EMUE Advanced Edition allows you to automate and consolidate even more, and to develop more sophisticated process workflows. You can also add connectors to EMUE Advanced Edition to automate in other types of applications.



We offer 2 connectors for the Advanced Edition.


Soarian/Web Scripting

Imagine the power of the automation that you already know and love on the mainframe, now available for web applications, including Cerner Soarian®. Use EMUE to automate any user activity, including entry of charges, payments and adjustments, maintaining master files, processing worklists, monitoring STREAM and more. In addition, EMUE’s Web Scripting Connector can work with 3rd party websites (such as payers and vendors) and web applications.

Web Services

EMUE 5.0 features our new Web Services Connector. Broaden the scope of available applications and functions by interacting with any application that provides an API to simplify tasks such as address verification, eligibility, claim status and more. The Web Services Connector allows EMUE to communicate with additional EHRs through the SOAP, RESTful and FHIR standards.


With so many options, how do I choose?

Our goal is to help you find the most cost-effective edition to fit your needs.   We will never try to oversell you, and in fact, we often work with customers to find opportunities to consolidate their licenses to reduce their overall licensing need!   For us, it is all a part of building a long-term, trusted relationship with our customers.  It's also just the right thing to do!

Do you have questions about the best edition for your organization? Give us a call at 877-DBS-EMUE, select option 1 for sales or contact us!

Online Interface Express™ (OLIE), SIGNATURE®, Millennium®, INVISION®, Soarian®, and Med Series4® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cerner Corporation.