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Revenue Cycle Automation
and Health IT Integration


EMUE 5.0 offers the automation and streamlined processes you’ve come to depend on, plus a number of enhancements that can improve your organization’s revenue. Streamline work with shorter scripts and automated data entry features. Improve payment of claims with our new insurance and patient data verification tools. Keep management up-to-date with reports that are accurate and easy to produce.

EMUE 5.0 offers advanced interoperability and supports data integration with any EHR application that provides an API, such as the new FHIR® standard.

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

“EMUE’s web services significantly reduces the amount of time needed to build a script to check eligibility and claim status. Before it would take me 500 lines of code to accomplish what we can now do in 100 lines. I can even use the same script for all of my payers.”
  • Carlos Alvarez, System Analyst II, Baptist Health South Florida

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Download these informational documents to learn more about EMUE and how it can help your organization.

What's new in EMUE 5.0

What's New in EMUE 5.0

EMUE Product Brochure

EMUE Product Brochure

EMUE 5.0 Press Kit

EMUE Press Kit

EMUE Automates Electronic Health Record Systems

EMUE automates and improves web tasks and system-to-system communication for some of the most popular electronic health record systems, including Cerner’s Soarian®, Invision®, MS4®, Signature®, and Millennium® products. 


EMUE 5.0 works with the latest version of Soarian and allows users to take advantage of all the new product enhancements both EMUE and Soarian have to offer. With simpler sign-on capabilities unique to EMUE 5.0, Soarian scripts run smoothly without ID check issues, and password changes are handled at a central source, without the need to change each and every script.


New with EMUE 5.0

Align to Latest Technologies

EMUE 5 Aligns to Latest Technologies

Web services facilitate communication and interoperability in a stable environment, allowing users to take advantage of a wide variety of functionality in different systems, which reduces development and maintenance time, cost, and risk.

Enhance Business Office Processes

EMUE 5 Enhances Business Office Processes

Broaden the scope of available applications and functions by interacting with any application that provides an API to simplify tasks such as address verification, account management functions, eligibility, claim status, and more.

More Productive User Interface

EMUE 5 Creates a More Productive User Interface

Provides an improved user interface and incorporates our Integrated Debugging Environment which provides a consistent user experience and an effective way to write and/or debug scripts, which reduces the steps required, improves efficiency, and makes script writing faster.

Streamline Development

EMUE 5 Allows You to Streamline Your Development Process

Web services design provides easy-to-use builder templates and built-in validation to ensure commands work properly. Users build, test, manage, and deploy from a single screen, making development tasks simple for those without developer skillsets.