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How many hours a week do you spend managing scripts?

It turns out the typical person who works with EMUE scripts spends about 5 hours per week managing scripts. Some people spend a lot more. We got thinking about that and thought: "What if we could reduce the time, or make people's efforts more effective?" We could all use a few more hours in our day. We realized we could help.

Case Study
Read how St. Peter’s Health Partners streamlines operations using Dashboard! 

For more information, you can also check out our Dashboard flyer.

Give me the Bottom Line

In a follow up survey three months after we released the Dashboard, 100% of the respondents agreed that the Dashboard is saving them time

If you are ready for more insight, control, and validation of your processes, Contact Us to learn more and get set up. 

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Introducing The EMUE Dashboard:

What is the EMUE Dashboard?

The Dashboard is a web hosted service that provides status updates of EMUE scripts running across one or many machines. It is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. 

Our goal with this product is to…

·       Reduce time spent managing scripts

·       Help you detect problems sooner

·       Help you to detect scripts that did not start

·       Improve resource management

·       Provide easier remote access to script status

In short, to deliver Insight, Control, and Validation


Three Dashboard Views

 The EMUE Dashboard includes the following useful views:

  System View: Users have the ability to toggle between multiple systems (EMUE machines) to see the status of scripts without having to actually login to each machine.
Script View: Displays the same information as System View but shows all scripts for all machines registered to the dashboard.
  Schedule View: Displays scheduled EMUE scripts in a calendar format. Users have the ability to choose one or more systems’ schedule they would like to display. 



See What Our Customers Are Saying


It has been valuable to be able to check into the Dashboard remotely, from various devices, to validate that my scripts are running.  Now I can launch a script before I leave for work, check in after-hours, and trouble-shoot as necessary.  I can squeeze more work into the day, before day-end processing.  I can ask a co-worker to check on scripts and rely on the co-worker to seek assistance to trouble-shoot.  Databound has really done a stellar job with the Dashboard, delivering far beyond what I expected.  This beta rollout has been very professionally done.

Petra Reichmann

St. Peters Health Care, Albany, NY


I honestly never imagined the Dashboard would become such a useful tool. The fact that we can glance at one screen and instantly know what ran and what failed is great. We generally have the Dashboard up during the day and go back and forth on the screen options to make sure all scripts are running smoothly. As we continue to grow and add processes the task of monitoring the many scripts we run until now would have become a task on its own. The Dashboard was a nice addition to our tool arsenal and really completed the EMUE package. 

Carlos Alvarez

Baptist Health South Florida


We used to get 3-5 calls per week from users when they were waiting for a process.  We haven’t had a single call since we started using the Dashboard because we always detect problems before the user does.

Tana Sells

Midwest Health Systems


Managing the environment as a whole is really helpful.  Before there was no way to look across machines.


 Jackie Jolly

Moffitt Cancer Center


How Do I Get Started?

> Contact Us to learn more.

If you already have an Enterprise or Enterprise + Web Scripting Edition you can contact our support team (607-257-5433 Option 2). They will assist you with setting up your Dashboard, creating user accounts and registering your EMUE machines. You will also need the latest version of EMUE (4.3.1054) to take advantage of all the Dashboard features.

If you have the EMUE Express Edition and are interested in the using the dashboard you can contact our sales team (607-257-5433 Option 1) to inquire about acquiring an Enterprise license.


Insight. Control. Validation.
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