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Our Products

Databound Healthcare Solutions offers innovative solutions that help hundreds of hospitals automate repetitive tasks, ensure data accuracy, and improve system interoperability. Our goal with our products is to always help you save time and money!


Our flagship product, EMUE can save you time and money by reducing staff's time required to perform repetitive or time consuming tasks.
  • Automate Soarian®, Millenium®, Invision®, MS4®, Signature®, and web tasks in order to save time
  • Automate and improve system-to-system communication
  • Improve accuracy by removing human error

Providing IT staff insight, control, and validation, the Dashboard is a web hosted service that provides status updates of EMUE scripts running across one or many machines. It is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. 

  • Reduce time spent managing scripts
  • Help you detect problems sooner
  • Help you to detect scripts that did not start
  • Improve resource management
  • Provide easier remote access to script status

A fully managed service that seeks to increase your top-line revenue, reCover searches patient encounters to find new eligibility information from private payer websites resulting in more claims paid and at higher private party rates.

  • Deliver Significant ROI
  • Decrease Accounts Receivables
  • Increase Private Payer Recovery
  • Minimal Operational Impact
  • Low Cost


Online Interface Express™ (OLIE), SIGNATURE®, Millennium®, INVISION®, Soarian®, and Med Series4® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cerner Corporation.