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Whether you have a new Soarian implementation or you have been using it for a while, it is certain that there are some jobs that you wish could be completed faster, take too many FTE resources to work their worklists, or just don’t get done because you don’t have the personnel. Save time and complete more projects with EMUE automation.

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We are expanding our solutions to Millennium. Similar to Soarian, we believe we can automate specific workloads and make your life easier and your staff more effective. We currently researching several high-priority scenarios with our customers. If you would like to share ideas with us of what tasks we could automate or what data we could integrate for you, please fill out the contact form on this page to contact us.


Whether you are looking for a replacement for OLIE, trying to figure out how to get a big project done, or you want to find out how automation might benefit your facility, find out what EMUE is and how it can multiply your efforts in INVISION and SIGNATURE.

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Med Series4®

Every facility has time-consuming tasks to complete with MS4.  It might be as simple as rote data entry or it might be as complex as posting payments. With EMUE, you can eliminate manual repetitive tasks, complete clean-up projects, and interface with other applications.

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If you have scripts running across multiple machines, or a bunch running on just one, it may seem like you don’t have the control and validation you would prefer to make sure all ‘the trains are running on time.’ Our Dashboard can help you keep a more accurate track of things faster and detect problems sooner.

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Private Payer Recovery

Are you accepting public payer rates when a patient has better-paying private insurance available?  What percentage of your claims are under-reimbursed? Our reCover service has helped hospitals recover millions of dollars on claims at a significant rate of return which we believe is far above what others are providing.

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